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Story TitleI was alone with my almost 3 year old boy when he was sick with a fever.  His teeth were chattering and he was pretty miserable.  He had some medicine about 30 minutes earlier and I was just waiting for it to kick in.  We both laid in bed and watched some TV.  Then his teeth stopped chattering and he became very quiet.  For a moment I was totally relieved.  Finally the medicine had kicked in and he could relax.  Then seconds later I was hit in the head by his hand and when I looked over I saw that he was shaking all over.  I jumped up and screamed his name.  His eyes were rolling back in his head and I was completely shocked.  I immediately picked him up and screamed for my other son to call 911.  As I held him I saw his teeth were locked tight and he wasn’t breathing.  He started to turn blue.  My son handed me the phone with 911 on the other line and I screamed my son was not breathing.  His lips became blue and at this point I was certain he was going to die.  I was terrified!

Then after what seemed like hours which was only a couple of minutes, he stopped shaking.  His mouth opened and he took a breath.  His color returned very quickly.  An ambulance showed up moments later and I took him to the hospital. 

He had a febrile seizure.  A seizure caused by a high temperature that affects young children.  They almost always grow out of it.  He has had one seizure since then and that was near a year ago.

It was one of the worst moments of my life.  The Doctors tell me besides it looking scary, it’s really no big deal.  Yeah, right!

It was the worst seizure ever!  Well, maybe not.  I started thinking about those that suffer from Epilepsy and the parents that have to watch their children go through that.  I’ve seen it happen twice to my boy.  Some parents see it happen to their child twice a day or more.  I have no idea how I could handle that.  I had a near breakdown over watching my child have a single seizure.  How does someone deal with this every day?

It’s when I asked that question that I realized that I wanted to help.  So I found a charity that provides education and research in the hopes of one day curing this problem.  It’s called C.U.R.E.  I’m sending my annual donation in today.  I’m hoping anyone reading this will consider doing the same.

If you want to help, please go here:

Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Steven Garcia.

CURE epilepsy

Steven Garcia
Julian's Dad