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Mapping a Decade of Progress

Ten years ago this fall, the founding parents of CURE set out with an ambitious goal—to find a cure for the disease that was devastating their children’s lives. Appalled by the discovery that within the epilepsy community there was no rallying cry for a cure, they set out to change the conversation and insist that researchers and clinicians change their focus from simply treating seizures to actually finding a cure.

Refocusing the dialogue and the research efforts to “no seizures, no side effects,” CURE has quickly become a global influence, and has awarded 175 cutting-edge scientific projects at esteemed medical institutions throughout the world. This has spilled over into doctors’ offices as well, where patients are no longer accepting that they must live with seizures and side effects as an inevitable and inescapable part of their lives.

This was a critical first step, and CURE continues to hold true to its mission. Grant applicants must state clearly how their proposed research has the potential to move us closer to a cure. Researchers funded by CURE are required to submit reports outlining their progress toward this goal.

In the scientific world, success is often measured by publications in scientific journals. In just ten years, CURE-funded research has resulted in 188 articles in leading scientific journals, indicating that CURE is at the forefront of epilepsy research and scientific advances. In addition, more than 36 of CURE’s grantees have gone on to receive additional funding, including grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and health-related research.

CURE has also assembled multidisciplinary, inter-institutional partnerships to foster innovative solutions to the problems that face us, as well as co-sponsored landmark conferences to bring the best and the brightest together.

This is an impressive research portfolio, and significant progress has been made in a short time. Yet for patients and families, the pace is too slow. The need is still urgent and the stories no less compelling than they were ten years ago.

As one of a growing number of CURE supporters, you are an integral part of the driving force behind the progress made so far. CURE is determined to continue this work into the next decade or as long as it takes to find a cure. The answers are out there to be found, and the effort can only be intensified and accelerated with your continued dedication and support.



CURE For questions, please contact Julie Milder at the CURE office, 312.255.1801, or email

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