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The CURE Lay Review Council (LRC) is made up of people with epilepsy and the loved ones of people with epilepsy who have a special interest in finding a cure. Members of the LRC contribute to CURE's grant review process by reading research proposals from a lay perspective. This helps to ensure that the stakeholder point of view is critically represented at all stages of the CURE grant review process. By inspiring us to keep the person with epilepsy at the heart of all the research we fund, lay review is one of the most important aspects of CURE's unique grant review process.

To represent the collective view of people with epilepsy and their loved ones throughout the CURE grant review process.

Who Can Be a Lay Reviewer?
Anyone with an interest in gaining a greater knowledge of epilepsy research and CURE can apply to participate in our lay review process. Recommendations for new members are most often made by CURE board members, committee members, staff or key volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about our Lay Review Council, please contact Liz Higgins at

What does a Lay Reviewer Do?
Each LOI and full grant proposal is reviewed by 1 or more Lay Reviewers. The Lay Reviewers share their feedback via CURE's web based grant review system and at the full proposal stage, they are invited to participate in a 2 hour review teleconference with the scientific reviewers assigned to the same grant category. Lay reviewers also provide feedback, as needed, on the CURE grant review process and other relevant topics. For a complete overview of CURE's grant review process, please click here.

Application Process, Term & Time Commitment
Once recommended, candidates will complete a brief questionnaire describing how they became interested in CURE’s Lay Review Council. They will then meet with a CURE representative via teleconference to discuss the LRC program in greater detail. The term is a 1 year minimum commitment (2 CURE granting cycles per year), which is renewable each year. It is estimated that the time commitment for our Lay Reviewers is 10-30 hours per year.

LRC members receive training via teleconference and/or webinars which are offered at least once per grant review cycle. Topics covered in training include: an overview of the CURE grant review process; guidelines and best practices for reviewing CURE LOIs and grant proposals; tips for making your voice heard on review panels; and current trends in epilepsy research that may be of interest to lay persons. Each Lay Reviewer must sign a confidentiality agreement that states they will not discuss CURE grantees or grants with anyone outside the review panel.




CURE For questions, please contact Liz Higgins at the CURE office, 312.255.1801, or email


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