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The CURE Lay Review Council (LRC) is made up of people with epilepsy and the loved ones of people with epilepsy who have a special interest in finding a cure. Members of the LRC contribute to CURE's grant review process by reading research proposals from a lay perspective. This helps to ensure that the stakeholder point of view is critically represented at all stages of the CURE grant review process. By inspiring us to keep the person with epilepsy at the heart of all the research we fund, lay review is one of the most important aspects of CURE's unique grant review process.

Current Lay Review Council Members

Veronika Archer
Blake Cunneen
Shalee Cunneen
Traci DeAngelis
Yssa DeWoody
Ann DiPetta
Debbie Kirshner
David Kovar
Elizabeth Kovar
Sibernie Morrison
Jennifer Murphy
Kim Nye
Stacey Pigott
Kristin Seaborg
Linda Sudlesky




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