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They Rock Whatever Block They’re On!

October 3, 2012

This past weekend, Kathy Dodd and Stacey Pigott hosted their 3rd Rock the Block party to raise funds for pediatric epilepsy research.  This was the first year I was actually in town and able to attend, and what a fabulous  night it was.  Busloads of suburban friends, family, and supporters converged on a “private club” in downtown Chicago (the name of which we are not allowed to disclose!) for a lively, fun-filled and highly successful evening.  It was their best ever, I’m told, and a far cry from their original ‘block party’ four years ago!

Congratulations and many thanks to Kathy, Stacey, their families, their junior board,  and everyone who helped create such a fabulous event.  I know how much work these things are, and I hope they are all basking in the glory of their success!

with event hosts Kathy Dodd and Stacey Pigott

Kristine Kuznicki, Jennifer Wang, Ellie Johnson, and Courtney MacKenzie

Regina Gallo (right) with guests

The Rock the Block Junior Board with the raffle check


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