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It’s All About the Kids

August 31, 2012

Bogdan, Gardiner, and I spent the afternoon yesterday in Baltimore at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at the invitation of Gary Goldstein, MD, President and CEO of the Institute.

It was wonderful to see the amazing science and the clear passion to help kids that is behind everything there.  In addition to children with epilepsy, many treated there have autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and many more rare neuro-developmental syndromes.  These other disorders–especially autism and cerebral palsy–often go hand-in-hand with epilepsy.

The conversations are only beginning, but it was great to see the seeds of potential collaboration that were planted earlier this spring at the NIH Workshop that brought the autism and epilepsy communities together in Bethesda.  Great excitement and great work and insights there–it’s always inspiring to bring scientists who work in the lab together with treating physicians who see the children.  Consider the possibilities!

Half the group had left by the time I took this picture, but I caught those who just couldn’t stop brainstorming! Back: Gary Goldstein, MD (President and CEO); Patti Vining, MD (Director, The John M. Freeman Pediatric Epilepsy Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital); Bogdan and Gardiner. Front: Lainy LeBow-Sachs, MEd (Executive Vice President of External Relations); Tanjala Gipson, MD (Director, Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic, Kennedy Krieger Institute); Joshua Ewen, MD (Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, Kennedy Krieger Institute)

Gary Goldstein with Galit Pelled, PhD (Research Scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute). Galit showed us the research she and her lab are doing using fish… sounds “fishy,” but it’s actually cutting-edge!

Researchers hard at work in Galit’s lab

I hope that you all have a wonderful last weekend of summer.  We are so busy at CURE that it already feels like summer is over (if it ever even began!).  Thank you all for all that you do to support and advance this cause!



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