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Greetings From the White Mountains of New Hampshire

August 20, 2012

Hello from beautiful New Hampshire!

Day #1 of the fourth Gordon Conference, Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neuronal Synchronization!  Two hundred neuroscientists from across the globe  have gathered to share ideas and data with each other in the beautiful and inspiring White Mountains of New Hampshire–including SO many of our grantees, advisors, and reviewers. CURE’s investments are being showcased here in a truly staggering and encouraging way.  Many young researchers–10 of whom are here with support from CURE travel grants–are also here, which is such a great opportunity for them to network, hear great talks, and learn from the top minds in the field.

with Julie Milder (CURE Coordinator of Research Operations) and six of our travel awardees. The other four were off networking with colleagues.

This morning began with a viewing of our 2012 CURE video to inspire and motivate.  Often, we find, there are folks working so hard in their labs who really don’t get the magnitude and devastation of this disease they are dedicating their careers to or the hope and promise that their efforts give to patients and their loved ones.

This is the most amazing scientific meeting–so aligned with our mission and so rewarding to see all the junior investigators who will be the ones carrying this mission forward.  This morning, over breakfast, I sat with two researchers who study different aspects of the brain, but have recognized how much they can learn by enhancing their understanding of epilepsy.  I am sure they will also be adding to our understanding of epilepsy going forward!

Thanks to your support, CURE was able, for the 4th time, to be a major sponsor of this important conference.  I know you would be pleased if you could see it in person.  But, more importantly, I know we will all benefit in ways we can’t yet predict from the sharing of data and the building of new potential collaborations that will be happening here all week.

Every single dollar counts. Please help us to support even more of these important conferences.


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