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Back to School Already?!

August 8, 2012

Summer vacation must be drawing to a close!  Last week, CURE’s Senior Research Advisor, Steve White, came in from Utah to lead a brainstorming/planning session for the coming year. Exciting goals and strategies to further target and focus our research portfolio, expedite our review processes, and evaluate our past investments—this is the behind the scenes work that is going to help move us closer to cures!

Steve White leads a brainstorming session in the office.

Steve with Board member Sharon O’Keefe

In the meanwhile, I want to take a moment to share information on an amazing meeting–for families and professionals–to take place outside of Chicago next month.  Our friend Jim Abrahams, who founded the Charlie Foundation, and his team are hosting their third international symposium on dietary therapies, September 19th – 22nd.

And, don’t miss this heart-warming news about our friends Lisa and Rob Moss’s son Evan!

Hope you are all enjoying the closing weeks of this summer!


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