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Planting Seeds

July 26, 2012

2007 CURE Grantee Dr. Michael Kubek

We often describe the research grants we award as “seed grants.”  I want to share a real-life example of how some of these seeds take root and grow.

CURE Grantee Michael Kubek, PhD  from Indiana University was just awarded a phenomenal grant from the US Army that builds directly on the research we supported back in 2007, and will address such a critical need for our nation’s military (and civilians alike). Read down to the final paragraph to see how CURE’s investment has paid off. We know, too, that the work he is doing with this new grant will also benefit patients with epilepsy, developing new ways to deliver therapies that can more effectively cross the blood/brain barrier.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you who donate and support CURE’s work–you enabled this to happen.  And congratulations to Dr. Kubek!

Every dollar counts… please help us fund the next breakthroughs to find cures!


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