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If You Build It, They Will Come… and They Certainly Did!

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Southbury, CT came out in huge numbers to support the Fradkin family’s battle to cure epilepsy. Unofficially, the number of participants at the “S4 Sarah & Southbury Strikeout Seizures” event may have reached 800!

Board member Jeanne Donalty’s daughter Alison, along with her husband Chris and daughter Leah joined the festivities and my report is based on Alison’s great reporting. I sure wish I could have been there; next year, I hope!

David and Monica Fradkin’s goal was to have a day that centered around family–and they apparently delivered. Picturesque Ballentine Park served as home base for a variety of activities including tennis lessons, putting, bubble blowing, frisbee, face painting, basketball…and of course baseball, with incredible support from Major League Baseball.

The highlight of the day was when their daughter, Sarah Fradkin, sang the National Anthem followed by her brother Noah announcing it was time to PLAY BALL!

The Fradkins produced a very moving video of their story. During the video, they show Sarah in the midst of a seizure.  As you know, these videos are an incredibly powerful educational tool. This one was no exception–very powerful stuff.  Hopefully we’ll be able to post it here soon.

After the video, the day was full of events and delicious food, donated by local restaurants.

Money was raised in many fun ways– from small “chances” to much larger amounts in the silent auction.  And David’s silent auction, with phenomenal prizes (remember Father’s Day is this Sunday!) is still going on. Bid now!

Local gymnasts collected money to perform gravity defying flips.

With help from a local tree company, The Ball Drop served as the most dramatic moment of the day. A wooden crate with S4 stenciled on all four sides was suspended by a crane over-top the baseball field–it seemed like it was miles off the ground. On Sarah’s count, the hundreds and hundreds of custom designed balls rained down on the field.

The volunteer energy was amazing. They served as parking attendants, lined the walk route to guide the participants as well as direct traffic, painted faces, served food and beverages, made a million desserts. Baseball players served ice cream.

Clearly, the Fradkins have a tremendous support system in their friends and family. People traveled great distances, from far and wide to be with them in support of Sarah and epilepsy research.


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