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Kicking off May Feeling Committed and Energized!

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We’re still reveling in the good will and amazing outpouring of support from folks at last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Garden Brunch. Celebrities galore, and the amazing venue decked out with CURE cupcakes, lampshades, and the like.

As so often happens, we also shed some tears.  I met an amazing young woman, Audrey, who–despite the fact that she brought me to tears–was my inspiration for the day.  I just received this email from her:

“It was wonderful meeting you at the White House Correspondents’ Brunch.  The awareness and hope CURE is bringing to people is so important.  It brings hope to people who feel alone and afraid for their loved ones or themselves. It is wonderful to know that there is a group that is so determined to put a stop to, as your husband said, terrorism of the brain.  It was such an honor to speak with you and your husband, I will log it as a precious memory!”

Thank you!

Audrey recently underwent surgery for her epilepsy, and her courage and passion shined through her stunningly beautiful, blue eyes. Her story and words are what keep us all committed and energized.

Back at home, I met with long-time friend Susan Schneider.  Susan, her husband Jim and their family  have been a part of CURE from the very beginning and have helped this cause in more ways than I can count. They are gearing up for their annual golf event Drive for CURE, August 23rd and I got to snap this picture of Susan receiving her first donation for their this year’s auction!

Susan Schneider with Yesenia Morales of Capital Grille in Rosemont, IL

I’m in New York for what promises to be a great meeting hosted by our friend Joel Marcus : Neuroscience 2012 / Translating Innovation into New Approaches for Neuroscience.  Drs. Frances Collins, Story Landis, and Thomas Insel–Directors from the NIH–are joining other stellar scientists from industry and academia.  I will report back soon on this exciting meeting!


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