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Department of Defense Announces Two Research Awards in Epilepsy!

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We’re so proud of two of our esteemed past researchers, Jeffrey Goodman and Detlev Boison, who were just recently awarded additional research grants through the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program in the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program of the Department of Defense!

I am also proud to have served as a consumer reviewer in this process, as I know Board member Gardiner Lapham and Research Review Board member Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD–who also served–are, too. We all know how important it is to share the patient’s perspective and what this research could possibly lead to in terms of treatment and cures.

Although we believe that epilepsy as a consequence of head injury always gets short shrift, it is encouraging to see increasing focus on what is called post-traumatic epilepsy through this very competitive research program.

This is such an important area of research. I remember watching Captain Pat Horan and his wife Patty talk about how devastating Pat’s recurrent seizures are (not to mention the medications he has to take to try to control them). Each time he would make strides in his rehabilitation, breakthrough seizures and medication changes would wipe it all way, and he’d have to work to regain the progress he had made.

If you’re a parent reading this, I think you may be able to relate.  I remember so vividly this same scenario with Lauren.  It always seemed that when she reached a new developmental milestone, she’d get slammed by seizures and we’d have to recover so much lost ground.  The same story every time we’d add or change a medication.

Congratulations to Jeff and to Detlev.  Well deserved awards!


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