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Tune in this Sunday to Watch CURE on 60 Minutes!

October 22, 2009
My daughter Lauren with Katie Couric

My daughter Lauren with Katie Couric

It’s a strange feeling knowing that the world is about to take a peek inside your family’s life. On Sunday, 15 million people will tune in to 60 Minutes to watch my family’s struggle with our daughter Lauren’s disease—epilepsy. David, Lauren, and I chose to do this because we need to do whatever we can to bring epilepsy out of the shadows and ask our fellow Americans to help us find a cure. This is my life’s mission, and it’s why we started CURE. In the program, people will also meet a courageous war veteran, Captain Pat Horan, who has epilepsy following a traumatic brain injury, and visit the research lab of CURE’s scientific advisor Frances Jensen. I’m certain it will be a powerful show.

If I had one hope for this broadcast, it would be that, after Sunday, people won’t think of epilepsy as benign and easily treatable, but instead realize that millions of people are affected by it, that 30 percent of patients continue to have seizures, and that epilepsy can and does kill. As many as 50,000 men, women, and children die every year as a result of an epileptic seizure. And every five minutes a child will be diagnosed in the United States.

When people learn these facts—and become aware of how little funding for research there is—I am confident they will help. That’s why we are launching the Every Dollar Counts Campaign/Every Seizure Matters Campaign to raise $250,000 for epilepsy research by the end of the year to fund the Special Friends for a Cure award. Remember, every dollar counts!

So on Sunday, please tune in to 60 Minutes so I know that friends are watching. And please help us spread the word—together, we can.


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